About Us

You only have one shot at making a first impression. The perfect watch band replacement could help solidify a great first impression. DeBeer Watch Bands has manufactured the finest replacements watch straps for over 30 years. Let us be your premiere destination for watch strap designs. Our high quality products feature leather, crocodile, and alligator materials. We also produce high quality straps in silicone, nylon, and metal materials.

Our level of dedication can be seen with our European leather watch strap. Involving over 60 development stages and finished with folded and stitched keeps behind the buckle, our replacement straps are nothing short of exquisite. We carefully consider each material before implementing them into our production. Only German made stainless steel buckles and nubuck lining are used, which aide in preventing water and perspiration damage. This level of detail and craftsmanship is unlike anything else you will see from an internet retailer. Our extensive selection of leather watch strap colors and sizes ensure the perfect design and fit with every wear. Let deBeer Watch Bands help define the man who is undefinable.

Our signature straps make exquisite replacements for watches and smartwatches, catering to all styles and ages. Watch strap replacements can be used on any watch and are a quick and easy way to customize your watch, and elevate your appearance. All our calf leather, alligator, and crocodile watch bands fit many brands of watches including Swiss Army, Omega, Movado, Invicta, Rolex, Timex, Patek, Citizen and much more. For the vintage watches, we are proud to offer the very hard to find Open Ended watch bands for older models with fixed lugs. As an added service to you, we can convert most of our leather watch straps into a "quick release" watch strap.

At deBeer, we manufacture our own fine watch bands so that the highest level of care, quality, and materials are used for every band. You can find our products at most fine watch and jewelry stores across the United States. However, the best place to order is from our online store where we have vastly larger selections available compared to what is in store. We guarantee that you will find no larger selection of signature watch band replacements than here at deBeer. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and selection options. Only at our online store can you view our entire range of products and purchase instantly. Available in single, pair, and bulk options, our genuine watch bands will quickly arrive at your doorstep contained in safely cushioned packaging.

Browse our online store to view our collection and find the right watch bands for your timepiece.