Oris Style Divers Clasp Silicone Rubber Watch Band

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Oris Style Divers Watch Band

Whether you just want a more durable watch band for your watch or plan on using it for a dive or other athletic activity, our Oris Divers watch band meets your needs with style. Our Oris Divers rubber watch band is sleek, comfortable, and durable, making for a worthy replacement to any athletic watch band.

Unbeatable Rubber Watch Bands

Our Oris Divers watch band is crafted from quality silicone rubber and hand-stitched to ensure consistent quality throughout our product line. We offer this rubber watch band in jet black, and our watch bands are designed to fit both men and women’s wrists with widths ranging from 20mm to 24mm (see below for a full list of sizes). The curvature of these rubber watch bands helps to reinforce its shape while the texturing on the inner watch band ensures that the rubber will remain comfortable and breathable on your wrist.

This silicone watch band secures to the wrist using a stainless steel divers clasp for optimum security on your wrist no matter how strenuous your athletic activity. Each rubber watch band also comes with complimentary spring bars for easy installation.

At deBeer, we also offer free ground shipping on all watch band types. You can rest assured that all of our items, including our Oris Divers watch band, leaves the warehouse and arrives at your doorstep in impeccable condition.

Life isn’t confined to the boardroom, and the replacement watch band for your watch shouldn’t be either. Our Oris Divers watch band is a durable and adventure-ready rubber watch band that is still comfortable and appealing enough to be worn with your best suit. Find your size and shop for your own Divers watch band today with deBeer.

Color: Black
Widths: 20mm, 22mm, 24mm
Length: 7.5"

Material: Top silicone rubber
Buckle Hardware: 316L nickel-free stainless steel

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