Genuine Stingray Replacement Watch Band

$37.95 - $38.95
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  • This unique watch strap is made with genuine stingray. These watch bands offer top quality in their design, construction, and aesthetic appeal.
  • deBeer Genuine Stingray Watch Straps are designed to fit both women and men and come in a large range of width options sizes 18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 22mm
  • In addition, these deBeer watch bands also come in two different colors - black and brown. Each color is subtle enough to blend with almost any style and integrates easily into any wardrobe.
  • Another standout feature of the deBeer Genuine Stingray Watch Strap is its soft, top grain leather lining.
  • Free ground shipping. When you order your deBeer Genuine Sting ray Watch Strap, you won’t pay any additional fees in shipping or handling costs.

Color: Black, Brown
Widths: 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm
Length: 7.5"

Material: Genuine Stingray
Buckle Hardware: 316L nickle free stainless steel

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